About Me

I am a semi-newlywed woman (married about 2 years ago) trying to navigate the twenty-something transition into adulthood. I am attempting to find my place both personally and professionally. I am constantly defining and redefining my goals, trying to learn from my mistakes, and slowly but surely becoming more comfortable in my own skin.  Some of my current “projects” include: working to transform myself from Lean Cuisine connoisseur into creator of healthy everyday meals; renovating my first home – with limited budget, knowledge or applicable skills; and striving to become a better wife, friend, family member, co-worker and neighbor; whilst maintaining my weight and sanity.  Life is a constant juggling act for me, as it is for you, I’m sure.

This blog is another of my projects. My goal is to regularly take a few minutes to share some of the positive things I observe, experience and appreciate. I am naïve enough to want to positively change the world, and stubborn enough to try. I encourage you to do the same; what’s the worst that can happen?